General Information

Management Office Hours
Monday - Sunday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

On Site Property Management
Email: [email protected]
Phone 876-601-0052 Office
Mobile 876-579-5440
FAX 876-601-0468

Garbage Collection
Garbage is picked up at the curb in front of your unit three times per week:
  • Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 2pm.
  • Residents are urged to purchase a plastic garbage tote with hinged lid. If you do not have a plastic garbage tote, please refrain from depositing your trash bags on the curb until just before collection.
  • All trash must be contained in boxes or tied up bags.
  • No loose debris.
  • 96 gallon garbage totes have been provided for trash on days when there is no pickup. They are located at the old gatehouse and near the tennis courts. Please refrain from putting yard clippings or construction debris in the totes. Also no loose items in the totes. All trash must be bagged.
Disposal of large items such as un-bagged major garden pruning, construction debris, or large appliances are the responsibility of the homeowner and will not be collected by the community garbage contractor. A special pickup must be arranged with the property manager. The cost for special pickup is $10,300 JMD per truckload.

Please be aware that the prevailing winds at Little Bay Country Club blow from land to sea. Please insure that any light garbage, such as styrofoam or plastic bags, are securely contained to prevent them blowing into the sea.  

Fish Sanctuary 
All of the sea surrounding Little Bay Country Club is included in the Negril Green Island Fish Sanctuary. Fishing of any kind and/or motorized vessels are strictly prohibited. We often have turtles nesting on our beach. Please avoid disturbing these nesting sites.

Snorkeling is Encouraged!
Snorkeling is the best way to take in the spectacular underwater views that our reef has to offer and to come face-to-face with its captivating marine life.

Although snorkelers have had minimal impact upon the reef so far, there are times when some can get a little too close and stress the marine life or crush and break corals. 

Most damage occurs as a result of those who are unable to maintain good control in the water (for example trying to get a closer look, or taking photographs).

By having good snorkel practices, you'll be able to preserve this special world for others to experience.

  • Practice buoyancy control over sand patches before approaching the reef.
  • Move slowly and deliberately in the water, relax and take your time - avoid rapid changes in direction
  • Avoid standing on, holding onto or touching any part of the reef - this is particularly important when you are taking underwater photographs
  • Avoid kicking up and disturbing the sand if you're over a sandy area
  • Avoid touching any animals or plants
  • Avoid feeding fish
  • Keep clear of free-swimming animals (such as turtles, stingrays). In particular, do not chase, grab or block the path of these animals
  • Avoid relocating any marine life, particularly when taking photos and filming

Pool & Beach Chairs
Beach lounge chairs have recently been replaced. New replacement fabric slings for the pool furniture has been installed.  Please refrain from removing or relocating any furniture from the beach or the pool.

Main Gate Access Cards
A great feature of our new permanent gate, is a separate automated entrance lane, accessible with an electronic key card. Each unit in our community has been allocated two key cards and can be picked up from Cynthia Anderson, located in the LBCC management office. Please note that only homeowners that are currently up to date on their maintenance fees will be issued key cards, and the card can be disabled if an owner fails to keep current. For security reasons, report any lost or stolen card immediately so it can be disabled. There will be a charge for replacement cards if lost.

Home Owners and Renter's Code of Conduct
Please understand that we must respect each other's peace and quiet. Our tranquil beachfront location in Negril, often draws groups that want to party into the wee hours of the morning. Being that this is a residential community, we can not allow this to occur. If an owner is going to have a gathering of friends for a party, a list of names must be given to the LBCC propery manager / gate security guard in advance. Only a property owner in good standing is allowed to do this. A renter is NOT allowed to have any gathering or a party without the expressed written consent of the property owner, who should approve / submit the list of names in the manner described above. The gate guard will refuse entrance to visitors who are NOT approved by the property owner.

Owners and occupants shall exercise reasonable care to avoid making or permitting to be made loud, disturbing or objectionable noises and in using, playing or permitting to be used or played musical instruments, radios, phonographs, televisions, amplifiers and any other instruments or devices in such manners as may unreasonably disturb owners, tenants or occupants of other homes. Please end any loud music by 8:00 pm.

The security patrol has the right to shut down any party that does not comply with these rules, and eject any persons disturbing the resident's peace and quiet.

Homeowners are urged to exercise restraint in using noise - making tools and appliances during late night hours or before 8:00 AM on weekdays and 9:00 A.M. on weekends.

Barking dogs shall be controlled by the animal's owner. Complaints received by the security guards or management regarding a barking dog could result in removal of the dog at owners' expense.

All noise must be kept to a minimum throughout the complex pursuant to the rules and regulations.

Home Owner’s Exterior Site Improvement Approval Process
1 - From the website menu, click "Contact Form".
2 - Check box for Architectural Review Committee (ARC).
3 - For the Subject Line, enter 'LBCC Improvement Request'
4 - Please state the nature of your ideas to create improvements to your property site.

After the ARC replies, on the next email, include photographs of the existing site, and a drawing (hand drawn is OK) depicting your ideas. Please include dimensions of the improvements and a copy of your land plat drawing, showing your property boundary lines. Advise the approximate duration of construction. The architectural committee will respond with an answer and helpful information within ten business days.  

All projects must first be submitted to the LBCC executive for review. If accepted, the committee will provide a letter advising they have no objection subject to the homeowner submitting and receiving  Parish Council approval and copy of said approval provided to committee before any work commence. This will save homeowners from incurring costs and thereafter the committee objecting. As a courtesy all homeowners should seek their immediate neighbor’s agreement if possible to ensure a harmonious community.

Please note: LBCC has implemented a new gate access control system. In order for workers to be allowed into the site, your project must have an approval from the executive committee. A list of workers names must be provided and workers must have photo identification to enter.